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Over the last decade, Raed Yassin has been undergoing a lifetime project of audio and visual sampling of TV, radio, pop songs, feature and documentary films. His previous projects include “Ya Habibi Ta’ala” (focusing on Tarab), “Meeting the President” and other pieces for Praed (his duo with Paed Conca), or the installation work “The Best of Sammy Clark” as well as various video works.
With “Horror is Universal” (The End), His 2009 opus, Raed Yassin sets a very high standard for all those interested in the the “plunder” approach to all the mass medias that have shaped our youth. In its live version, it is a milestone of his evolving work. Although composed, it requires his presence and energy for the multiple layers of information to blend in. Soundwise, a combination of turntables and electronics, microphone for singing, a collection of vintage hard to find LPs of popular Arabic music. He does not merely mix the sounds, he performs them, twisting every sample with a style that has become his own. On the screen, a video mixture of extracts from Egyptian films, reshaped and arranged, abstracted, recurring such as musical elements to create a loose progression towards a final point. "The New Album", published here on Annihaya is the soundtrack to this performance.